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"Fear is a yellow light, not a red one. "

Alexandra Stacey


Canadian Alexandra Stacey has personally lived through the challenges she shares and has discovered the secret to living a joyful life after losing it all. 

A widowed mother of five, Alexandra has had to not only learn to navigate a strange new life alone, but had to find the will to want to as well. 

Her goal is to help as many women as time permits, to take back ownership of their own lives, to plot their own course, and to re-create a self brimming with confidence, strength, and purpose. 

Alexandra Stacey

Author of the acclaimed novel, A Road To Joy, Alexandra Stacey takes the reader on a road trip across Western Canada with a nameless protagonist who is losing the fight against grief and anger.

With heart-wrenching emotion, side-splitting hilarity, and breath-taking adventure, our narrator's journey spans far more than the miles between here and there. 

Feel the pain.
Discover the hope.
Experience the transformation.

Alex Brown

Digital indie publisher Alex Brown founded and operated Romantic Shorts™, an online library of romantic short stories. 

A ten-year endeavour to help writers discover their own potential, Romantic Shorts™ provided an in-depth, practical education behind the scenes in the online publishing world. 

The inevitable conclusion of the project saw Alex determined to continue to provide the support and experience she'd learned along the way. Write Start 101 is the result of that goal. 





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