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Are You Ready?

DragonflyYOU offers support, information, guidance, and encouragement
to widows who are ready to move forward in their journeys.

Sometimes, widows who visit DragonflyYOU
just aren't quite ready to hear what we have to say.
Or aren't far enough along in their own healing
to be making decisions that will affect their futures. 

It's like buying a car before learning to drive. 

Well, sort of...

There is an initial reaction to losing a spouse that cripples us.
For a time.

We need to heal through that hurt enough to be able to see things clearly. 
What we want. What we like. Who we are.

It's perfectly okay to start thinking about your new life as a widow.
It's wonderful to start to plan and take charge again. 

But not until you're ready.

And that timeline is different for everyone. 

Here at DragonflyYOU,
we won't be focusing on your loss, your trauma, or your healing.

This is not a therapy group.
It is not a competition of who has the worst experience.
It's less healing and more moving forward. 

We want you to zero in on what's next, your strength, your purpose, your hopes. 

And we want to help you take those first steps down this new path.

But only when you're ready. 

This visitor screen can help you know where you are.
Choose the path that suits your style below.
There's no right or wrong answer.
You can always change your mind. 


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Not Quite Sure

Join our community of incredibly powerful women.
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Jump in when you're ready. 


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Let's Go!

You're ready to begin your fabulous Second Act and create a fulfilling new life.
This is where things start to get exciting. Welcome!!